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Joseph Pilates was born in Germanay in 1880. Having asthma and rickets, he sought ways to develop his frail fame by bodybuilding. By the time he became a teenager, his physique was so well sculpted that he was asked to pose for anatomy charts. He studied specific exercise disciplines that included Martial Arts, Yoga and Thai Chi. He eventually became a professional boxer, gymnast and skier.
After the war, Pilates returned ti Germany where he continued training boxers, police officers and martial artisits. Realizing that eastern fitness methodologies focused on relaxation, breathing and suppleness, and the western methods emphasized competitive strength and endurance. Pilates sought a regimen to combine both, thereby creating one exercise that would ideally “challenge each person’s physical capabilities, correct muscular imbalances and establish mental and physical harmony.”
In 1926, Pilates moved to the United States. On his journey he met Clara, a nurse, who became his wife and partner. Together they opened a studio in NYC (888 Eight Avenue) and Pilates continued refining his methodology into what is known today as “The Pilates Method.”

Authentic Pilates is a total body conditioning system that engages your body and your mind through a series of controlled movements. It is a workout that combines streching with resistance to tone and elongate all the major muscle groups without adding bulk. By building your “power-house” - your abs, hips, buttocks and lower back - Authentic Pilates increases stren, flexibility, and muscle tone.

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Authentic Pilates is a non-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone, reguardless of age or fitness level. Each workout is customed-designed for your goals and your body. Workouts can be modified to address injuries or exisiting conditions, such as osteoporosis, back problems or arthritis.

Authentic pilates is an effective complement to any sport or workout as it helps you achive a level of strength and body conditioning that will increase performance and prevent injuries.